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TEDxYouth@BrightRidersSchool aims to aid in TED's mission in providing a platform for various individuals to share their ideas on a wide array of topics. The goal to ignite engaging and thought-provoking conversations while also creating a medium of change at a local or even at a national level has brought together the talented students of Bright Riders School, Abu Dhabi to organise the first ever online TEDx event in Abu Dhabi as we intend to provide an impactful and engaging event in a safe online environment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bright Riders School, Abu Dhabi has held two successful TEDxYouth events in the preceding years proving the wide-reaching impact that passionate individuals can have on the community. It's only a matter of time before this spectacle is replicated in the year 2020 in an online medium, spreading new ideas from passionate voices to an open-minded and curious audience. 


Like all TEDx events, this online event is a non-profit enterprise, run by volunteers, funded by local business partners. Speakers are not paid. With the event being held online, there are no limitations to the number of viewers. The event will be livestreamed on YouTube (links found below).

RJ Vikrant
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There are voices on radio and then that’s one voice which always gets a smile on your face. Thats RJ Vikrant for you. Winner of the best Rj of the year award, a radio professional since more than a decade, Vikrant is a laugh riot on his show Bumper to Bumper on Kadak Fm. A bundle of energy, creativity and absolute craziness, he brings to the table a different outlook on life itself, that many find fascinatingly funny. He has a twisted world of characters, observations and heart, a talent that he brings together to easily connect with people and make them his own. Today, he talks to us about how to think creatively. As he would say, put your headphones together for Rj Vikrant!!

Tanujj Shewdikar
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Tanujj, a prolific speaker, a powerful social activist and a philanthropist by heart. These are just a few of the many caps he wears!. He motivates his peers around him and is a constant source of inspiration and pro-activeness for many. He is actively involved with the Art of Living Foundation and is a graduate of their dynamic 'Yes+' programme.With loads of achievements behind him, he still remains down to earth and ever ready to help.A Gold medalist in the Public Speaking Confluence conducted by IISC he also has Volunteered in ADNOC Clean up campaigns.He also was a House Prefect representative during his mid-school era.

Amit Tuli
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Amit tuli is an IT Architect at IBM and a loving father of two. He is very tech savvy and likes to stay updated with latest trends. On rough days, he relaxes by cooking and working out with the family. He can go for hours on music, oldies being his favorite. He is equally passionate about movies, balancing between Hollywood, Bollywood and Punjabi. Catch him live to hear about how COVID has effected him and his family and how they responded to the curvy ball.

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Tanmay is a 16-year old, 11th-grade student, passionate speaker and a friendly individual. He is very much interested in Music, Computers, and Online-Marketing. He finds leisure in making Youtube videos, reading books, swimming, hitting the road with his cycle, and wishes to explore the world in his young age. He aims to make a successful career in the field of Engineering."

Christopher Gurusamy
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Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Christopher Gurusamy’s love and passion for dance led him to the world renowned Kalakshetra institute, he now continues to live in Chennai. As a Bharatanatyam soloist, he has performed extensively within India and across the world and is one of the frontliners of his generation of dancers. He has also received critical acclaim including a feature in the “Best Dance of 2017” in the New York Times. 

While adhering to the grammar of the style, his aesthetics and open creativity allows him to bring forth fresh perspectives to the new traditions of old. He will delve into the relevance of Bharatanatyam in the 21st century and speak about finding one’s self in this ancient dance form

Sneha Rugmini
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This is Sneha Rugmini. A 16 year old, with a confusing personality. She seems shy at first but then shows her true self being loud, outgoing and carefree. She is really in touch with her creative side with interests mainly in painting, sketching and sculpting. Public speaking is something that she uses to express her thoughts and loves mix in her creative side to provide a greater impact and purpose for her words. Her love for humor and fun is clearly evident in her speeches as she does mostly humorous speeches and strives to give her audience a good laugh. She looks forward to every new opportunity she can use to share her thoughts and Ideas.

Freya Jaffar
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Freya is a Pakistani/British expat residing in Abu Dhabi for over a decade. 

Her social media presence grew around the community work she’s been involved in since 2013 in Abu Dhabi. Helping and connecting people simply through Facebook with issues ranging from mental health to employment. 

She is also an award winner for her social media work and an Entrepreneur, and has been featured in many news publications for her work in the Abu Dhabi community. 

She has over 140,000+ members and followers combined with 60% of them AD residents. Making her platforms the most engaged in the capital of the UAE for their transparency and her ability to connect to people of all backgrounds.

Sharath Babu

Sharath is a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology who likes to push the boundaries of Computer Science. After spending a little over a year in Atlanta, an emerging tech hub in the United States, he has developed a unique perspective on the future of technology and how it is deeply related to philosophy and human history. He hopes to take a deeper dive into the most popular buzzword among tech investors, artificial intelligence, and expose a new way to look at your computer or smartphone.

Varun Shankar

Varun is a recent high-school graduate with a deep interest in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity... but now he spends his days playing Valorant and finishing the Netflix catalogue. However, the quarantine life has made him realize how self-centered and obsessed our generation can be on social media, which makes it a rather toxic place for engagement. He'll only be the millionth TED speaker to talk about social media, but he will be taking a different approach; one riddled with personal anecdotes, humourous observations and a deep no-nonsense conversation about how we conduct ourselves.

Karan Bhandari
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Karan Bhandari, 27, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and an MBA. A Large part of his 8 year career has been with one of the largest management consulting firm, and is currently heading the Tax function at one of the largest P.S.E. in UAE. Also an upcoming entrepreneur, he is a co-founder to 3 startups.

A constant believer of Work Hard - Party harder, he is a big time travel enthusiast and loves collecting Watches. In his freetime, he is usually watching Man Utd classics or explores different flavors of Chai 

Sep 10, 5:00 PM GMT+4
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Shamilah is an energetic and optimistic individual with a mind full of ideas. She specializes in singing, art, dancing and athletics. Her hobbies include singing & calligraphy primarily. She has represented the school in the UAE athletics cluster, she has secured several awards for art, and is an active member of the school co-curricular activities.